Narcolepsia was born from the union of three young people in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, seeking to capture their vision of Death Metal based on the emblematic groups of the old school of the 80s, not only of Death Metal but also of the first Grindcore from bands like Repulsion. In its beginnings the band was made up of Pely Macchi (Guitar and voice), Tuerca (Bass) and Yoel Soria (Drums and voice). With this line-up they give their first concerts and quickly record their first demo. Soon the group undergoes its first change in line-up when Tuerca left the band, and its position was quickly taken over by Pincha Aguilar, who, in addition to playing bass, began to lend his voice for some songs. With this line-up they quickly start working on their first EP "Enferma Contaminacion Mental", receiving a good reception within the under circuit, even presenting it even outside and inside the country. After two years in which they only dedicated themselves to playing, they divide their time between rehearsals, shows and the studio to capture their first official album, the mini album "Anomalia Cerebral". In which the band tests everything learned during these years. The following work demonstrates high sound quality. Showing a great sound without losing the power necessary to create a true album of this genre. The current objectives of the group are simple, to promote their new material, to carry out presentation shows close to being announced and to go out and play abroad.